I WANT to express my concern for the management company operating the Warrington Central Station car park.

On May 8 I dropped a colleague off at Central Station.

The area can become congested so I pulled into the car park there to be out of the way and make it easier for myself and my colleague.

I then received a parking charge notice, dated May 12.

It has a clear picture of myself entering the car park at 16:28 and leaving the car park at 16:34 (6 mins).

So my query is as follows; I know by law that parking management companies must ensure the car park is adequately signed, there should be signage at the entrance to the car park explaining the T&Cs of its use, but this is not the case.

Even if not by law there should be a sign explaining no drop off/pickups as there must be many people that do this at this car park.

Is this company issuing parking charge notices to a lot of innocent motorists for this?

I have paid my parking charge notice, appealed and asked Parking Eye to return my money, however this is not about the money, this is about a car park management company failing to comply with its obligations in regards to correct signage and then issuing fines.

How many people have they done this to?

If they are doing this knowingly, they are in breach of data protection by retrieving my personal data under false pretences.

I would highly recommend somebody conducts a full investigation.

ZACH NOLAN Warrington