TONY Fox is right to hold Warrington MP Andy Carter to account for failing to respond to his polite enquiry regarding a no confidence vote in the Commons reflecting Boris Johnson’s style of leadership (Warrington Guardian, May 5).

I could not agree more with your Fly in the Ointment columnist’s contention that Boris Johnson should resign his job, not least because he is dishonouring the Queen who invited him to form a Government in 2019.

The Nolan Principles received much press during the first lockdown as the yardstick for ministers and consists of eight headings.

They are honesty, integrity, accountability, decency, openness, selflessness, objectivity and leadership.

The hubris noted by your columnist was commented upon by ex-Prime Minister John Major as evidence of an air of ‘we are the masters now’ which had infected the Government.

Surely this Government’s record was to score a zero out of 10 in any of the eight principles.