AT 1am on Friday, April 29, I was awoken in bed by a severe pain in my left inner thigh close to my femoral artery.

The pain subsided enough for me to go to work and complete a 4am to 1pm shift.

However at 7pm in the evening the pain returned with a hot feeling.

Earlier in the day I had googled my symptoms and it told me it could be a DVT (blood clot) and could be a life threatening condition.

Without hesitation I went to the accident and emergency department at Warrington Hospital.

I booked in at 8pm.

I was seen by a triage nurse at 10pm.

My bloods were taken at 11.10pm.

By 2.15am, some three hours later, my blood results had not come back.

I asked the staff nurse on duty what was the delay?

Her response was unbelievable.

She implied to me that my attendance at the accident and emergency department that evening was a burden and unnecessary inconvenience on the hospital.

This is a disgusting attitude to have.

I am not a hypochondriac and a frequent visitor to the accident and emergency department.

I believed I had a lifethreatening condition.

I discharged myself from the hospital at 3.30am some sevenand-a-half hours after I arrived having not been examined by a doctor or my condition diagnosed.