IT was a beautiful day walking along the Bridgewater Canal in Lymm.

It was sunny, birds were singing, there was a lovely smell of flowers, the reflections of colours in the water, then to top it all, the swans came along with eight beautiful little cygnets.

What a beautiful sight to see, one little cygnet was hitching a ride and her mother’s back, they looked so proud of their family.

Then suddenly from nowhere a dog came bouncing along the side of the canal trying to get in and barking, I was so annoyed he wasn’t on a lead.

I love dogs but shame on the owner for not being responsible, the swans became frightened and made a scene, till finally the dog was called back.

Please please please take responsibility and keep your dogs on leads around wildlife, they have a tough enough time without the human race being irresponsible.

Let’s respect our surroundings please.