IT was with interest that I read Gemma Dickenson’s letter regarding the change to the blue badge parking system at the Time Square car park, the new system is the most ridiculous for blue badge users that I have encountered.

In the past on one’s first visit you would register your blue badge details which meant that on successive visits you could exit the car park without any problem.

Now after shopping you have to return to your car to retrieve your blue badge and return to the payment machine to scan your parking ticket then also scan the barcode on the reverse of the blue badge.

The problem with this system, as any blue badge user would be aware, is that you can then be faced with a £70 fine for having parked in a designated disabled parking bay without displaying a blue badge in your car, no doubt this is the problem that Gemma Dickenson encountered which resulted in her unfair £70 fine.

To overcome the problem of removing the blue badge from the car I have scanned/ copied the bue badge barcode on my home printer enlarged to approximately 140 per cent and utilising ‘best quality’ setting then printed the barcode.

One should not have to do this but it ensures that I will not be faced with a £70 fine.

Surely this new blue badge system needs reviewing.

HAROLD E OWEN Warrington