IN repeatedly saying the PM lied to Parliament about rules not being broken, Tony Fox (Warrington Guardian, April 21) and others are jumping on a bandwagon that is rolling along an unevidenced road.

Sue Gray and the police have yet to report.

The PM told the truth as he understood it.

Did anyone then seriously believe tucking into a birthday cake between work meetings was contrary to the rules?

On the day Happy Birthday was sung the press were briefed, photographs taken, civil servants advised it was ok.

Did Labour demand a police investigation?

Did the police who were on duty take any action?

No, they thought nothing of it, and that they’ve waited two years to raise a penalty notice raises serious questions.

Fortunately, we’re still subject to English law where being sent a FPN by the police doesn’t mean an offence has been committed, only a court can decide that.

Context is everything.

Self-evidently, no-one else thought that socialising while at work broke any rules.

Throughout lockdown nurses were uploading Tik Tok videos celebrating birthdays in hospital.

No-one then or now says their gatherings were improper for obvious reasons.

However, Labour MPs such as Barry Gardiner were attending the lockdown-breaking BLM protests in 2020 cheered on by a knee bending Keir Starmer.

This really is a case of one rule for the PM and Chancellor and one rule for everyone else.

The regulations were there to slow down Covid’s spread not to regulate the behaviour of people in the workplace.

Tony Fox goes on to repeat stories of people unable to visit dying friends or relatives, but Boris Johnson isn’t accused of visiting friends or relatives and no-one thinks he did.

So when Mr Fox says people couldn’t visit their sick loved ones that’s true, Boris couldn’t either and didn’t.

This is no Profumo scandal.

Maybe this cynical constant false repetition of ‘he lied’ will bring about the PM’s downfall, but politics is diminished when such tactics are allowed to succeed.


REGARDING the matter of both Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Sunak’s partygate affairs, I have referred the matter to my MP for South Warrington, Andy Carter, directing him as a constituent to submit a letter of no confidence in Boris Johnson to Sir Graham Brady.

Mr Carter’s reply to me was straight out of Tory HQ.

He informed me that one of the roles as an MP that he holds in Parliament is as member of the committee on privileges and that the Speaker of the House had confirmed that a debate would be held on April 21 to consider that the Prime Minister misled Parliament.

Mr Carter then went on to say that were the motion to be approved, then the matter would be referred to the committee on privileges, which would require him to adjudicate with five crossparty MP colleagues and as such he is therefore prevented from making public comment on the actions of any MP who might be referred to the committees.

How convenient, a reply crafted by the Tory HQ damage limitation machine.

To all Warrington South constituents whom feel betrayed by the actions of both Prime minister Johnson and Chancellor Sunak, if you haven’t already, may I suggest you contact Mr Carter and urge him to put in his letter of no confidence in Boris Johnson and if he doesn’t then just don’t vote for Mr Carter at the next General Election.

TONY FOX Stockton Heath