A FEW weeks ago an article named ships at Latchford Locks ran in the Warrington Guardian and you asked for any stories about the locks (Warrington Guardian, April 7).

I grew up in Latchford and groups of us spent many hours at the locks.

One day there was a delay further up the canal towards Manchester and it caused a back log at Latchford.

There was a 16,00-ton ship moored up on Thelwall New Road side, opposite Rigby’s dairy.

There was also a ship named Mary Bowater which was estimated to be around 22,000 tons in the big lock and a 3,000 ton ship in the small lock plus the stern tug that couldn’t get to the big lock because of the Mary Bowater.

There was another 16,000-ton ship, opposite Roberson’s bright bars on Thelwall New Road Side.

When the Mary Bowater left the locks she did so without a tug which was stuck in the small lock because of the ship in front of her.

When both ships finally got out of the lock breaking all the canal’s rules and creating great big waves.

The stern tug raced out and caught up with the Mary Bowater at the pumping station.

Although called Latchford Locks the land before the canal came through was Grappenhall and that is why Richmond Stoves had Grappenhall works at the top of the building.

Locals insisted on the building being named that AC Grappenhall originally stretched down to the banks of the Mersey.

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