I AM disappointed that I feel the need to write this letter to further point out the issues that we have when using the Time Square car park for people with disabilities and using a blue badge.

I find the car park system not very user friendly for someone that is supporting a family member with disabilities, this means walking past the machine to the car, getting the badge out and then both myself and my disabled child walking back to the machine to process the ticket as I can not leave him alone at the car.

Sometimes he is in a wheelchair and other times he walks.

I parked in the car park on February 24 and was served with a penalty notice for not displaying my badge correctly.

I left the clock in the window and took the badge with me to a medical appointment and so I would not have to make two trips in the rain to the machine with my disabled child.

I feel the system needs to change as disabled people need to make two trips to obtain their tickets.

I feel the people of Warrington need to know this so they don’t have a fight with the £70 penalty notice like myself.

Any support by the Warrington Guardian to highlight this situation would be gratefully received.