I’M a single person in a two-bed home.

I’ve gone from spending £2/3 a day maximum to £7 a day since April 1 and my energy usage has reduced.

There is something seriously wrong with prepaid meters and the charging since the increase.

This is not a 54 per cent increase, the real impact is that bills have more than doubled.

Currently as a single person freezing in my own home I am spending £210 a month.

This makes no sense.

I have contacted British Gas who are uninterested and overwhelmed with queries.

This is absolute madness and the UK is been hammered into poverty.

I have recorded my expense on energy daily and it does not match up to what they are saying the average cost should be.

Many of my friends and family are in the same boat.

The Government needs to do more to stop this extortion.

I have uploaded a picture of my meter ending yesterday showing £7 spent.

A single person in a smart thermostat controlled home with energy saving bulbs cooking one meal a day.

This is absolute madness.