PRIME Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak have no excuses, they have to resign.

They put in the lockdown rules for public health, so they must have known them and they must abide by them.

For them to say they didn’t know they were breaking the rules or not aware they were breaking the rules is just sheer incompetence.

Above all, both of them have lied to Parliament and the electorate.

No excuses, they have to go.

They are not fit for public office.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth at Prince Philip’s funeral upheld public office and all of us felt her pain as we were not allowed to see loved ones die in hospital, die in care homes and attend funerals.

We were locked down, preventing us from seeing family, friends, going to weddings, parties, celebrations and holidays while Boris, Rishi and co broke their own rules.

Warrington MP Conservative Andy Carter needs to represent the interests of his constituents and put his letter of no confidence in to Sir Graham Brady without hesitation, otherwise Mr Carter will find himself another one parliament wonder.

TONY FOX Stockton Heath