HAS anyone tried calling the Pyramid and Parr Hall ticket line number recently?

The recorded message which greets you is delivered in a very posh female voice.

I thought I had got through to Cheltenham Ladies’ College by mistake.

I understood every word she said and the message wasn’t that long but wouldn’t it be better if the message was delivered by a man or woman with a Warrington accent?

This is not some outrageous rant against southern softies.

I would have been equally disappointed if I had been greeted by a Scottish accent, a Brummie accent or a Liverpudlian accent.

This is Warrington and surely it is not too much to ask for the message to be given in a local voice.

Best of all, of course, would be if the message could be recorded by one of our fine Warringtonborn actors such as Polly Walker of Bridgerton fame or Warren Brown, from Shameless, Hollyoaks and Luther.

That is probably asking too much but can’t we at least have a local voice?

The BBC accepted regional accents years ago.

It is time that we caught up.