CHARLOTTE Nichols, Labour MP for Warrington North, tweeted that men and women who are concerned with, or disagree with, Lia Thomas competing in women’s swimming have ‘lazy transphobia’ and ‘should frankly pipe down’.

Such infantile dismissal of an opposing viewpoint is something many local and national residents have come to expect from Ms Nichols.

Clearly forming a coherent argument is beyond her.

But the most disturbing aspect here, is this MP’s demand that people who are appalled by the loss of opportunity and safety of women in sport should not speak, is incompatible with her position as an MP in a democratic society.

When Nichols was asked to reply properly after beginning this thread, she refused and wrote her only requirement was to represent the interest and concerns of her constituents.

Lia Thomas is not your constituent Ms Nichols.

We are.

Our concerns and interests are the fairness and safety of women in sport.

How are you fulfilling your requirement to represent us, and to uphold democracy, when you demand we – or anyone – ‘pipe down’?

Your position is untenable and you should resign.

L ROBERTS Warrington