WHAT a farce the council has made of refunding the wrongly issued PCN charges for the infamous Scotland Road Bus Gate.

Like many readers I was issued a penalty charge in November and I was pleasantly surprised when you reported in December that the council were refunding them ‘after further consideration’.

I received a letter in late February, which was actually dated January 12, 2022, advising that I would be repaid within 10 working days (but it might take up to 30 days).

Well it’s now more than two months since that letter was produced and still no sign of the refund.

Am I the only one or, as I suspect, are there many others who are in my position?

The council were quick to state on the PCN that if the notice was paid within 14 days of issue the charge was reduced by 50 per cent to £30, otherwise the full £60 would be payable.

Even though I paid the lower amount, do I now assume that I can ‘charge’ the council the full £60 because I am still waiting and it has not complied with the ‘refund’ letter it issued?

D COWAN Orford