CONGRATULATIONS to Warrington Borough Council for making the town centre a no-go area for the motorist.

I appreciate the need to promote cycling and walking and to reduce car dependency but they really have gone overboard with this policy.

When the Wolves play an evening home game it can take up to 30 minutes to exit Winwick Street and Pinners Brow for there is no effective route to the south of the town centre as Scotland Road is a bus lane.

I can travel by bus to the stadium but the last service is at 6.55pm, one hour and five minutes prior to kick off!

What the council has failed to account for is the large volume of virtually standing traffic creating excessive amounts of vehicle emissions into the environment.

It would be sensible to operate a fines amnesty for the bus lane on match nights say between 9.30pm and 10.30 so that the traffic can disperse effectively without over polluting the area.

MIKE WILLIAMS Stockton Heath

I WAS one of the unlucky people (having lived and driven in Warrington all my life) who got caught out by the priority changes on Scotland Road.

It was announced by the council that people caught between certain dates would be refunded.

I already sent my cheque off, but three days later it was cashed and I’ve heard nothing since.

Just wondering if the council are doing anything?