I JUST read with disgust that the vote of no confidence into WBC leader Russ Bowden and deputy leader Cathy Mitchell has failed.

No doubt all the Labour councillors voted for them to remain in office.

Well all these Labour councillors are complacent in their actions regarding their financial investments.

Absolutely disgusting.

I hope these councillors get their comeuppance in the local elections next time.

Shame on you.

The reason why the motion wasn’t carried was the Liberal Democrats councillors didn’t have the courage to vote for the motion and many abstained.

The Liberal Democrats are fully responsible for this financial mess we find ourselves in as much as the Labour party in this town.

When they were in opposition to the Labour party at the Town Hall, they allowed the Labour party to do as they wanted.

The Liberal Democrats are as complicit as Labour in causing the financial disaster this town has suffered.

Please remember this when the next local elections come round.