READING last week’s article about the proposed Western Link in the Fly in the Ointment column, the writer suggested we dont need this link anymore because of the impact the new Centre Park Link Road (Warrington Guardian, February 3).

But might I say, the new road between Slutchers and Gainsborough may have alleviated traffic at Bridge Foot but has made Chester Road around the new junction a nightmare.

Add to that the adjacent land is about to become a huge housing estate adding many more vehicles into the mix.

Most households have at least one vehicle if not two or more all of these vehicles will be using the Gainsborough Road junction or the left turn only junction at Slutchers.

Build the new Western Link and reduce the traffic passing through Warrington completely.

I am a Chester Road resident.

CARL P Warrington

THE front page of the Warrington Guardian (February 3) says it all.

Bypass costs set to rocket by £73million.

These are the escalating costs.

I can think of a better way of spending the money.