I READ with the amazement the story about Lymm potentially moving to a new constituency (Warrington Guardian, January 27).

As far as I understand it, should the changes be agreed, we would now be voting in the Tatton constituency.

This seems beyond bizarre to me.

We would have a different local authority to MP.

So if there was a controversial planning application, as there often is in Lymm, would I not be able to contact my MP.

Because what would they know about Warrington?

I would also have an MP looking after Knutsford and Macclesfield, miles away.

How can they represent all those different people.

And worst of all, at the moment our vote always matters.

Warrington South is a swing constituency and has been for years.

If this changes, we would be voting in Tatton which is always Conservative.

It would also make Warrington South more likely to be Labour.

I would now be voting where my vote simply would not count.

In short, it seems very ill judged to put it mildly.