I WOULD like to put on public record huge appreciation for the service provided by Warrington Borough Council refuse collectors throughout the pandemic.

Every single week since the start of the March 2020 lockdown our bins have been collected at the usual time and day of the week.

Many of the country’s essential public services have rightly been praised for their commitment over this unprecedented period of disruption but I don’t feel refuse collectors have been sufficiently recognised.

Therefore, I would like to say a massive thank you on behalf of Warrington residents.


I HAVE in the past had reason to complain about the attitude of an attendant at Stockton Heath tip.

However needing to go there today, what a different experience.

Two extremely friendly and helpful men in duty, so kind and more than willing to give assistance.

I did thank them both but feel public recognition of their helpfulness needs recognition.

BARBARA TOFT Stockton Heath