I JUST wanted to say a big thank you to Warrington Borough Council staff at Orford Neighbourhood Hub on Festival Avenue.

My family have been really struggling this year due to Covid reduced hours which have left us short of money.

I was dreading Christmas and had problems getting the children’s gifts together.

I heard about their annual toy appeal which they have been running for years and how they can help.

I spoke to a really helpful lady who took my details and my children’s.

A few days later I was contacted and asked to go to the centre where I was given a gift bag for each of my children with chocolates, books, pyjamas and a selection of toys.

I was absolutely delighted and brought to tears by the wonderful generosity and help I was given.

The lady explained that all gifts and pyjamas are donated by the people of Warrington to help children across the town.

How marvellous that we have a genuine community spirit.

The day I visited there were hundreds of bin bags waiting for collection, with staff busy choosing appropriate gifts really inspirational.

Once again, thank you WBC and the generous townsfolk.