I NOTE some of the commentary around our Christmas cards to some of our recidivist offenders and the suggestion that it was a waste of money.

I am alive to the views of the public on such matters so would reassure you that the whole exercise cost £346. In terms of the impact it is a tactic that has been used in various places as part of a broader crime strategy, as it is here in Cheshire, and is underpinned by the perceptual deterrence theory. From my own experience I have seen this type of tactic have a positive impact and it is actually extremely cost effective.

In terms of getting officers out on the street, I absolutely agree that it is vital we do that and the recent Operation Jingles was evidence of that.

Every ward in Cheshire has a dedicated PC and PCSO to tackle local issues and we have some of the best response times in the country. If the public have specific concerns they should contact their local neighbourhood.

Chief Constable Mark Roberts QPM