A RELATIVE of mine, on my mother’s side of the family, has sent me a book which he came across when turning out other books.

He sent it to me as my surname is Austin and he thought that the Alice Austin to whom the book was presented would be one of my relations.

But she is not.

I accessed an article written in a July 2003 edition of your paper about the Ragged School and found reference to the next door building, Arthur Street Mission.

I then found reference to Mrs Elizabeth Austin whose family had had a long association with the Mission.

There is a chance therefore that Alice Austin has a family connection to Elizabeth Austin.

If she has, I would like to send the book to Elizabeth if she would like to have it.

My problem is I do not know how to contact Elizabeth – can you help please through your newspaper?

There is a potential problem.

Alice Austin could be read Alice Curtis.

■ Anyone who can help can email newsdesk@guardiangrp. co.uk