THIS evening I have sat and listened to the Prime Minister urging that anybody eligible should be vaccinated as soon as possible.

As I listened, I recalled the events that I had experienced at the Orford Jubilee Neigbhourhood Hub vaccination centre less than 12 hours earlier.

I have a 12-year-old granddaughter who is a type one diabetic but who also suffers from extreme anxiety.

Because of her diabetes, she is rightly considered as vulnerable.

On two previous occasions she has attended vaccination clinics to have an initial vaccination but, on both occasions, has been overcome by her anxiety and been unable to accept the vaccination.

The last occasion was last Thursday at the hub.

It was agreed on her next visit that I, granddad, should accompany her.

The staff dealing last Thursday had no objection to this.

She stayed overnight with her grandparents and we got to the hub in a relaxed manner for her appointment at 9am on Sunday.

After registering, we moved forward in the process to be met by a man whose badge identified him as a paramedic.

He asked me whether I was the parent and replied that I was the grandparent.

He said that he must have parental consent.

I tried to explain that my granddaughter had been to the centre a few days earlier and a parental form had been signed by her father.

Unfortunately the ‘paramedic’ was not for listening.

I asked to speak to his supervisor.

He replied that he was the supervisor and told me ‘to go and bring back a parent’.

At this I was so enraged I referred to him quite rightly as a ‘jobsworth’ – others may have used stronger language.

He then aggressively asked me to leave the building making great show of his assumed authority.

I did not respond to his rutting stag mentality and quietly left with my granddaughter who was visibly upset at this totally unnecessary confrontation.

The individual clearly lacks the type of personal skills required for this type of customer facing operation.

To cause such a scene in front of a vulnerable child without making any attempt to find out the full facts is quite frankly appalling.

To deny her the opportunity of receiving the Covid vaccination is unforgivable.