I REFER to the recent failings of Royal Mail in Warrington failing to meet their service level agreements regarding the timely delivery of post.

In recent weeks I have suffered poor service.

The first related to the delivery of a bank card that was sent to me on November 15 that should have reached me by November 30 when the present one expires.

Up until December 3 I am yet to receive the card.

The second and third cases relate to hospital correspondence.

I am awaiting surgical procedures only to receive the letters 24 hours before the day of the procedure.

Included in the letters were dietary preparations 48 hours before the procedure could take place, hence the procedures were cancelled.

It’s just not good enough Royal Mail, get it sorted.


I ORDERED a parcel that was supposed to come a week ago today.

I have still not received this parcel.

I have seen a lot of other people with the same issue, but with Christmas time coming up this issue is even bigger.

How many other people are having this problem?

It is outrageous that such a big company is doing this.

I understand Covid may be a problem, but from my research people have been having problems for the entire month of November.