I JUST want to reply to the ill-informed rant about the north v south of Warrington (Warrington Guardian, November 26).

Just a few facts.

Our author (who didn’t have the guts to be named) talked about road safety.

How about the speed bumps on Cherry Lane in Lymm, Bridge Lane in Appleton?

How about Thelwall Juniors having the first flexible 20mph zone at school dropping off and pick up?

He (I am assuming it was a man, probably reads the Daily Mail) asked about play areas.

Does the south not have the best one in Warrington at Walton Gardens?

And Lyons Lane, Alexandra Park, Euclid Avenue?

In short, think before you rant.

And try to back up what you say.

I live in Orford because I like it.

And finally, Warrington is a small town.

There are five council pools to choose from.

And if you live in Stockton Heath say and don’t like Broomfields, go to Orford Park a couple of miles away.

Or Sankey.

Or Woolston.