I PARKED at Central Station two Mondays on the run to travel to university via train.

I parked underneath the sign and I followed the direction on this sign.

Despite paying £3 for the all-day parking on this sign, Parking Eye and POPLA have rejected my claim saying I did not follow the correct signage.

When going through two appeal processes for each fine (Parking Eye appeal and POPLA appeal) I was told the baseline fine of £60 would remain unchanged and there would be a time stop on this charge raising to the £100 full amount.

Instead of this staying the same, the amounts raised to £100 each.

When trying to phone to talk to Parking Eye there was no ability to speak to an advisor.

I was left with appealing this fine again on the grounds that the fine had raised unfairly but they cancelled both appeals again as I had already appealed once.

I am an army officer and currently undertaking a degree in adult nursing at the university of Liverpool.

I am an honest person who pays fines if they are fair and just.

I paid the full £100 for each fine as I did not want this fine to increase or go to legal action, however I want to create awareness about the harsh treatment that private parking companies put on honest working people and the poor customer service that they provide.

I have spent many hours outside of my hospital shifts trying to sort these fines out and it has caused me a lot of stress.