AS a resident of Warrington for a number of years I was saddened to see that Warrington would not have a Christmas lights switch on this year.

I could not understand why Golden Square chose to replace all the Christmas decorations including Sprout whom I particularly liked, and yet chose to tell the public that the money that is usually used for the switch on would go elsewhere to families in need.

I waited to see what would happen next as I wanted to see how they would attempt to support local families in lieu of the light switch on.

Which they said was not attributed to Covid.

I was saddened about the lights particularly, as a number of families I know personally rely on free events due to lack of income and were looking forward to the lights switch on.

The video that was posted on Golden Square’s Facebook page, although sweet, left a bad taste in my mouth, as someone who already gives to foodbanks and through a local council initiative to give a child a gift at Christmas (who may not have gotten one otherwise).

It wasn’t very obvious if they themselves are doing anything at all, or are expecting the general public to step up. I have actually seen on social media that some people have applauded this video.

I am sat here wondering why things that bring children (who haven’t got much) joy, seem to be being removed more and more, it is the children that suffer.