I’M not too sure the good people of Bewsey and Dallam will take kindly to James Wilson’s assertion that they are all poor downtrodden citizens (Warrington Guardian, November 10).

Driving around all areas of the town I see houses in those areas where their owners clearly have a lot of personal and civic pride. Paintwork is fresh and gardens neatly tended. Sadly they are in the minority and all too often I see gardens, no bigger than a postage stamp, completely unkempt.

I rather suspect that it wouldn’t matter how much money was ‘thrown’ into these areas, there would still be those with pride but sadly those who couldn’t care less.

Mr Wilson seems to think that those living in south Warrington have some sort of automatic right to, as he put it, a higher standard of living.

As someone born in a terraced house in the north of the town but now living in the south, I can assure Mr Wilson that was not gifted to me but earned by many years of studying at night school. It wasn’t easy, in fact it was hard work. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, far from it. I had to graft for it.

I think what the councillor meant by levelling up was perhaps something to do with the fact that the north has several ‘hubs’, the south none. Look at playing fields, and facilities for children and swings in particular. There are three on Sankey Green alone. How many Mr Wilson are there in the Walton, Stockton Heath and Grappenhall areas?

Now let’s consider the safety of the town’s children, all of them. There has been more money spent on Alder Lane and Longshaw Street on traffic calming measures alone than the entire south of the town. In fact I don’t know of any south of the canal. Does this mean the children in the north are more precious? I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

I wonder, Mr Wilson, did you ever study really hard in order to ‘better yourself’, or like a great many are you simply jealous of those who did?