HAVING lived in Warrington for 60 years as a new bride, I feel able to respond to Jack Cox’s letter by agreeing totally with him.

If I wanted to live in a city I would have settled in Liverpool, Manchester, or, if we could have afforded it, Chester.

Warrington doesn’t have the facilities these cities have.

We will never be big enough, have few decent shops, our new market (not counting the food-eating part, which should not be the main element of a retail market ) is half the size of the previous one.

Bridge Street no longer attracts me and to allow the bottom end, especially the historic Packet House and adjoining old buildings to deteriorate, is a disgrace.

Cities need to attract shoppers, tourists etc, and I enjoy spending money occasionally in Liverpool or Chester, visiting Liverpool’s river frontage or Chester’s market and cathedral.

What can Warrington offer and what will it cost our residents in rates and taxes to become a city?

We need a buzz about the place to bring visitors in.

So my vote would be a resounding no.

Use available money improving our town centre, make remaining shopfronts look inviting, especially get the owners to improve Hatters Row by making it brighter, livelier and maybe improve the frontage.

Stop pulling down and do up historic buildings (if there are any left) and look after any amenities we have left.

MRS J SMITH Great Sankey

I AM in total agreement with Jack Cox.

We should have our say a lot more and most definitely be allowed a vote in which all Warrington residents should have our say.

Why are they so insistent of us being a city?

My opinion of Warrington is to concentrate on all the empty shops and get them full.

I have heard of the rates being too high for some shops to consider trading there.

There are a lot of issues that could be raised.

It seems like it is all eateries and cafés opening but not many local stores like Co-op and Marks and Spencer.

I think it is fair to say that a lot of Warrington people who cannot get to Gemini shopping centre would benefit from that.