BEFORE Warrington Borough Council applies for our town to become a city shouldn’t they ask the residents of Warrington if they want Warrington to be classed as a city?

Most true Warringtonians did not want to be part of the Warrington New Town development concern but it went ahead regardless and it ripped the heart and the character out of our town.

So hasn’t the council learned a lesson from that episode?

Is it for their misguided self satisfaction, or is it that there is some money to be gained out of it that they can squander on out of town investments without putting right the problems that we have in our town.

I feel that a vote should be held by the people of Warrington to find out if they want to live in a city or not.

I am a proud Warrington born and bred person and personally do not want to live in a city.

What do other Warrington town folk want, a town or a sprawling city?

JACK COX Warrington