AS a resident of Crewe, out for a day shopping in Warrington on Thursday, my wife and I were pleasantly pleased with the town and its good variety of shops, new cinema, new market, excellent.

But there was one thing we noticed and that was the terrible traffic congestion on the roads.

The road that runs past Go Outdoors and passes Warrington Bank Quay station was non-stop traffic, all day.

As we walked from the station to the town centre and on the return walk later on from the town centre, it was the same.

It was shocking and I don’t know how people cope with it.

Surely not all those car journeys were really necessary?

And many were with just one occupant.

Some of these cars are like small tanks and the quality of the air that pedestrians are breathing must be terrible.

Please motorists, only use your car if it is really needed.

You are destroying the environment and polluting the air we breathe.

I accept Crewe is also a car congested town and we really cannot continue polluting the atmosphere.

Well done Warrington for the big improvements to the town centre.