MAY I ask a few questions please and try to seek a resolution to long time ongoing issues?

When the Warrington North MP was elected, I’m sure she stated that she would work for the people of north Warrington. Sadly this does not seem to be the case as I have written to her on several occasions and to date have not received one reply or acknowledgement of the genuine concerns raised.

I have an issue of fly tipping at the side of my property which has resulted in me having rats in my garden and nothing I try is shifting them. I don’t think this is very fair when the rubbish that has attracted them is not mine.

I have raised this with WBC several times and was advised that it would cost me £90 to have someone else’s rubbish moved and that I needed to contact Torus Housing. I duly contacted Torus and was promised that they would look into the fly tipping problem. This was several months ago.

I then contacted Brain Maher – at the time the local councillor for my area – he tried to solve the issue on my behalf and got nowhere. I then resorted to writing, several times, to my MP as stated earlier none of my letters have been acknowledged and certainly no response has been offered. If this is working for her constituents then I hope she never turns against us.

I also informed WBC that for the past three years there have been four overflowing wheelie bins in the alleyway between my row and the row of houses behind.

THOMAS SWIFT Houghton Green