THE number of commercial vehicles parked (for lengthy periods/overnight) on our residential roads has reached a dangerous and intolerable level.

It is not unusual to see large trucks parked on Kingswood Road, often on the wrong side and overnight.

The road adjacent to the Odeon car park, Westbrook Centre, has now become the home for a 42-seat coach.

It is parked yards from the Odeon car park exit, close to the roundabout (Westbrook Crescent) and round the corner from the primary school.

For two days last week an Amazon truck was also parked.

Neither the council nor the police take any notice, their approach is more reactive than proactive.

They won’t take any action until there has been a serious incident.

The issue of commercial vehicles being parked will worsen, with the increasing number of haulage type operations locating on and around the Omega site.

If you have similar thoughts, please email the council; they may eventually take appropriate action and implement double yellow lines. Simple.

ALAN TARR Westbrook