IN July, I contacted Grappenhall and Thelwall Parish Council regarding the amount of weeds growing in the gutters in the area some weeds were above the height of the kerb stone.

Even drainage grids had grass and weeds growing in them.

Warrington Borough Council sent a weed spraying team round.

Now, some eight weeks later the weeds are regrowing.

This second class service is unacceptable and the council tax payers deserve a rebate or refund on their council tax payments for the poor level of service received.

On a separate note, I refer to N Greeley’s letter regarding the problems she has experienced with Warrington Borough Council answering her phone calls.

I too in the past have had experienced similar problems.

Are you aware that Warrington Borough Council has a SLA, or a service level agreement, in place in respect of incoming phone calls?

The SLA states that an incoming phone call should be answered within five minutes.

WBC is clearly failing to meet this target amongst numerous other things.

Before the council even considers applying for city status it needs to sort the infrastructure out, sort the ridiculous planning applications granted and sort the financial situation and debt we find ourselves in.