FAREWELL to a footballing great who graced Warrington.

Many people will no doubt have anecdotes about Roger Hunt’s association with Warrington Town AFC.

My late father, Wilf, was on the first team then but nearing the end of his playing days when Roger joined Town, however he saw the shy young man’s potential.

In the late 1950s my father had designed a sleek, ‘shoe-like’ football boot (boots really were ‘boots’ in those days - heavy, overlaced, ankle topping things).

It was years ahead of its time.

Much later he had a prototype pair made and Roger, by then with Liverpool, agreed to try them out at Anfield.

My father was delighted.

I still have a couple of the letters from Roger about the boots.

Unfortunately LFC’s existing boot contract soon forced Roger into a ‘brand’ boot and the project came to nothing.

My father watched Roger play for years but their contact petered out.

Fifteen years ago, when I dropped Roger a line letting him know my father had died, my mother and I were surprised to get a long and supportive phone call from him within days.

He was abroad for the funeral but sent a lovely note which was read out at the service.

When he returned, Roger insisted on meeting me for a pint.

He was keen to take another look at the ‘old boots’.

We met at the Swan in Winwick.

I walked in and saw Roger, a World Cup winner, a man who should never have had to buy a drink in an English pub in his life, patiently queueing, unrecognised in the queue for the bar.

He told me some great stories that night.

It was a privilege.

We had the (freshly polished) prototype boots on the table as we talked.

Even with that obvious clue, I think only one person in the bar recognised him.

He was courteous, modest and self-effacing (except on the pitch).

A real ‘gent’.

STEVE CONNOR Stockton Heath