HAVING lived in Birchwood for many years and admired the greenery, I am getting very concerned regarding the lack of respect of the area from Asda, Aldi, B&M Express, Home Bargains and Oops Food Clearance.

You can’t seem to walk 10 yards without seeing at least one trolley in the bushes or on the paths.

I have a nine-minute walk to work and have come across 25 this morning.

Imagine walking in the dark not seeing one and falling over.

When are we going to be holding these companies to account as they put no systems in place to stop his happening apart from a little sign on the corner of the centre.

I’m sure if I collected all the trolleys and destroyed them then there would be consequences, but none for these companies for allowing effectively dumping of waste.

There are so many CCTV cameras around the centre, can they not get pictures of people removing them and create a wall of shame.

I know this will probably be ignored but I am getting to the point of losing my rag and soon will snap and be taking these and dismantling them for scrap.