THE CCP car park next to Bank Quay Station charges you for simply entering the site.

The council road signage for rail parking points straight to their car park, and their tariffs are not legible until you enter their site.

I had a prebooked car park with Avanti and mistakenly entered the CCP site.

In there I read their signage, examined their pay machine, rang their advertised number but was unable to tell whether this was the correct car park for me.

Fortunately another person in there was able to confirm it was not the rail car park and told me to continue up Slutchers Lane for another 200 yards, which I then did.

I was in the CCP car park for minutes but tried repeatedly to contact them to avoid any problem.

However, they do not make contact easy.

Their email address is not recognised, one phone number is simply pre-recorded and for paying, the other, a premium number, doesn’t work on my mobile.

I completed their online form but got no response.

One week later they have sent me a £100 fine claiming I was in there for 10 mins.

Obviously I am contesting this, but would like the Guardian to investigate how a company like CCP, which runs a few car parks in Warrington, and is clearly into ANPR as a substitute for car clamping, is allowed to operate so freely, presumably with the council’s blessing.

They even show their car park as Bank Quay car park online, same as Avant, and reviews indicate that a few others have made the same mistake.

I want other Warrington rail travellers to be aware of this potential scam.