I IMAGINE Warrington’s ‘city status bid’ might not impress Her Majesty’s judging panel when judged alongside other towns which have respect for their individual foundations and traditions.

Sadly, Warrington now seems to commemorate the glories of its past with street names and civic events only.

The list of ‘cultural vandalism’ makes sobering reading.

Most of Warrington’s former industrial architecture has not been converted for other uses, but simply bulldozed – as if famous names such as Rylands, Tate and Lyle were somehow ‘shameful’ in 2021.

Even the architectural landmark of Warrington’s skyline, the Cabinet Works, was allowed to deteriorate before being razed to the ground.

And this was inside Warrington’s ‘Cultural Quarter’ to boot.

The massive Crosfields site has been ‘mothballed’ – the list goes on.

Population and business growth are statistics only and do not address the civic pride originated by the many men and women who made Warrington great and whose buildings are only a memory.

Surely only the Town Hall and Golden Gates would reassure a time traveller that this is actually Warrington.

I also wonder how many Warringtonians have noticed the state of neglect of the window balcony above a former restaurant at Priory Buildings located on Lower Bridge Street?

This ornate period piece has simply been left to rot away, with its upper woodwork stuffed with rags.

Priory Buildings is dated 1888, a period when the poorest slum-dwellers in back courts would use rags to substitute for repairs when necessary.

Can this be seen as a throwback to Victorian times, with a cutting edge market square only a stone’s throw away?