I VISITED Sankey Valley Park today with my puppy Billy, he loved it.

I put him in the car to drive home and for some unknown reason the car locked so my phone house keys and Billy were locked in.

A very kind passer by let me use her phone.

I’m a RAC member, but their website advises to initially call emergency services.

I did this and the operator advised help was on its way.

Ninety minutes later I called RAC direct again using a well wisher’s mobile.

The only way to report my problem was online.

My phone was locked in the car.

I contacted Cheshire Police again.

My puppy had now been trapped for two hours.

A very rude operator advised that the system had crashed, it was not a police matter and what was stopping me breaking a car window.

I asked if that was the case why had I waited for police help for so long.

He very arrogantly informed me my original call was not received by this operator so basically not his problem.

He advised me to get a taxi to a family member and get them to sort!

Another kind soul in the park came to my aide.

He ran me home and climbed through a tiny open window gaining access to my home and spare car key.

My dog was anxious but fortunately unhurt.

I am so grateful to the five random strangers who were so kind and supportive.

I’m equally as disappointed at the response from Cheshire Police and the process to report a problem to the RAC.

How can you go online when your mobile is locked in the vehicle?

No such thing now as speaking to a human.

Suppose that’s down to Covid.