AS we all know the country went into lockdown on March 23, 2020.

Little did we know at the time the dramatic effect this would have on all our futures with regards to freedom, economy and most of all health.

However as the country and the world now begins to move forward, encouraged I might add by all our expert health care advisors, something has come to my attention that may suggest that the very people, health care advisors and professionals, may not believe in their own statements.

We have continually been advised to contact 111, pharmacies and GP services before attending A&E and only then if this is a dire emergency.

I have recently been suffering from extremely severe joint pain, so excruciating in fact that it has caused my blood pressure to increase to the levels that when checking online states to contact a GP immediately.

I therefore did contact my GP by consult twice requesting to be seen and on both occasions was given a sick note.

I was also contacted by phone where a receptionist took details and called back with a list of questions – when I answered this information was passed to the GP who gave the receptionist a message to call me back and advise me to attend A&E.

It has become inherently clear that it is impossible to attend a GP practice in person leaving many people with no option but to attend emergency departments already under unfathomable pressure because they are given no alternative.

When, if ever, are things going to return to some kind of normal when you can attend a surgery in person to see your own doctor?

Because let’s face it most of us have been paying into the system all our lives and this is something we should be able to access without a fight.