WHATEVER you think of the merits of Warrington Borough Council’s investment policy, there is a bigger issue which concerns me.

The secrecy to it all.

I can see the merits of such investments, The Hut Group for example has been given a loan, it has to repay at a rate which make the council money.

But why not tell people about it?

All the secrecy just generates more distrust in the council.

Like there are deals going on behind closed doors.

The council no doubt would say this is commercially sensitive.

But it produces enough annual reports and publications where this could be included.

So why not tell people about?

Granted lots would not be impressed.

But as a public authority, why not explain yourself?

Then you aren’t scrambling round when it is inevitably leaked or published elsewhere.

If you believe in such policies, have the strength to stand by them and accept the criticism.

Or the secret suspicions will continue.


YET again another bombshell by Warrington Borough Council regarding the loaning of £150 million to the The Hut Group.

How many other secret deals have been negotiated without the council tax payers of this town knowing about them.

It’s time a public inquiry was held into Cllr Bowden, Cllr Mitchell and Mr Broomhead’s dealings.

I urge every reader to write to their local MP Andy Carter and Charlotte Nicholls to approach the communities secretary of state the RT Honourable Robert Jenrick to investigate Warrington Borough Council’s financial dealings in recent years.

This is the only way we will get to the truth on where the money has been spent.


WE now know that in October 2020 – almost 11 months ago – our council gave Matt Moulding a loan facility of £200million, but decided to keep it secret.

They also kept secret his three subsequent ‘drawdowns’ on that money, totalling £151million, until it was exposed last Friday.

The adverse reaction by some in the city might help explain the council’s secrecy, but it does not excuse it.

The previous day a letter of mine had been published in the Warrington Guardian, complaining of the ‘unacceptable secrecy which seems to pervade council reporting’.

In the light of this latest news, perhaps the degree of stealth goes deeper than even I might have suspected.


CAN I say well done to Gary Bebbington.

I couldn’t agree more with your letter (Warrington Guardian, August 12).

Warrington Borough Council has a lot to answer for.

The total interrogation can’t come soon enough.

It would be interesting to see what comes out.

I hope change is coming and it can’t come soon enough.