I CANNOT stand people complaining about the town but doing nothing about it.

I’m a 22-year-old male and I enjoy Warrington – in fact, I already have ideas to revive the town that I have lived in the last year.

But, the amount of complaints about the town are unnerving.

You see things such as ‘we want our town back’, but you never see people offering to do something that’ll improve the town.

You never see people wanting to give back to their community and it makes me quite upset.

Warrington definitely has potential, from the town centre to Padgate; there are definitely some buildings which need a renovation but when a company comes in to do so, the local residents complain.

I want to see these individuals, these complainers actually do something.

I want them to bring people back to the shopping centre, open a company or renovate their home.

I can not stand watching them sit back and expecting someone else to put the effort into their community.

It really grinds my gears.

Please Warrington, let’s work together to create a lovely community.

If they are going to keep projecting negativity, then they can move to somewhere like Bolton or Blackburn