THERE could be a couple of snags to Fly In The Ointment’s dream of being locked up again in a month’s time coming true (Warrington Guardian, July 22).

Firstly, the vaccine is working.

If you want to be a slave to case numbers and infections then by all means, stay indoors forever.

But if you want to see hospital admissions against hospital discharges and deaths against numbers of vaccinated then we’re not in the grip of the plague your columnist seems to think we are.

Secondly, is it not the responsibility of a government to protect its population from poverty, educational and economic collapse, mental health problems and all the other issues that come with enforced imprisonment and livelihood theft?

Is their only concern supposed to be keeping people indoors and hospitals empty in a quest for Fly In The Ointment’s zero Covid utopia?

We have the vaccine.

The Government’s successful roll out of this is the protection we need.

Now crack on.