AFTER visiting the Bridge Shopping Centre, Maybrook Place, Knutsford Road car park in Latchford Village, I returned to my car to find I had been issued with a parking ticket by Spring Parking.

To say I was very shocked is an understatement as I have been parking there for about two years without having to pay as the machine has a cover over saying ‘not in use’ and it was the same today.

In ringing Spring Parking I was told that there was another machine that I could have got a ticket from.

I was completely puzzled as I had only ever seen one, but apparently there was another one on the side of the BetFred building.

I along with many of my relatives had also never seen this as there are disabled parking spaces there so we always go to the rear side of the Co-Op as there are ample spaces there.

On the road going into the car park there is a council notice declaring ‘free parking’, the only machine I knew to exist was ‘out of order’ and I had parked there for a couple of years without incident.

I was astounded to also learn from Spring Parking that they had issued nine tickets just in the morning.

Obviously many others are unaware of this sudden change in parking. Then finally to add salt to the wound, I was told that if I had known to get a ticket, it would have been free anyway.

I am now left with a fine of £95 which is a great sum for a pensioner such as myself.

I believe that this needs looking into to save other shoppers falling prey to this ruthless act.