CAN somebody help me out please.

I went for a walk around the always lovely Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden last week.

And after spending time in the garden, I decided to carry onto Grappenhall village.

I was horrified to see fences either side of the path and work started on two large housing estates.

Is nothing protected anymore.

Our green space is being squeezed right across Warrington, and this area was one of the most quiet and peaceful ones.

Soon the walk will be through the middle of a housing estate.

A day before, I had reason to drive from Sankey to Stockton Heath and sat in more than an hour of traffic while the motorway was closed.

This will be the case more and more often if we keep building houses at such a high rate.

And these are not houses which are helping the housing crisis in this country.

They are large, more than £500,000 homes.

Nothing affordable, nothing to get youngsters on the housing ladder.

Across the town this is the case.

We need more flats in the town centre and less building on our countryside.

Or soon, it will all be gone for good.