I WOULD like to bring to your attention my concerns regarding the Woolston New Cut Heritage Path.

Since lockdown more and more people are using this popular route, for daily exercising and making necessary journeys; ie. dog walkers, cyclists, ramblers, runners, families out walking with young children etc.

Last week, there was a serious incident on the path, which resulted in the emergency services being called out.

Now is the ideal time to remind folk to stick to their left hand side of the path, to help with social distancing and avoid colliding or impeding other path users.

There are numerous blind spots on the path, but there are still a small amount of inconsiderate, cyclists who are using the path as their own personal race track and the occasional dog walkers with fully extended dog leads, not controlling their pets properly.

Also I would like to mention that some of the runners and joggers using the path, who are listening to music, through their personally headphones, are totally oblivious to cyclists behind them, ringing their bells in warning, before they pass and finally I’d like to mention about the amount of folk talking or listening to music on their mobile phones, who are not concentrating on their surroundings and are switched off and wandering from side to side all over the path.

My letter is a simple reminder to all, to be more aware and courteous to other users on paths and pavements.

The countryside is there for everyone to enjoy and feel safe.