PARK View Medical Centre at the Jubilee Hub strikes again.

So my wife has had a recent blood test and had to wait two weeks to speak to a doctor about the results.

Upon speaking to the doctor, another blood test is ordered and although the results were back in less than three hours she has to wait more than two weeks to speak to a doctor about the results again.

Absolutely ludicrous in a time where because of the virus all people are doing is worrying and adding to it with a service as ill run as this shouldn’t be acceptable.

The admin staff are great and you can’t blame them because they are just following orders.

Chapelford doctors have come under fire lately, but I can say that Park View isn’t any better.

Adding insult to injury, you can only now submit one of these famous e-consult forms during opening times which again isn’t patient friendly.

It’s almost as if they are doing their level best to stop people actually using the service.