I READ your brief article with interest but feel that you failed to mention that Greenalls became not just a major employer for Warrington families but through their investment in the town helped place Warrington on the map (Warrington Guardian, June 23).

When the company branched out to make gin at their Loushers Lane distillery, Warrington Dry Gin became world famous.

Greenalls or The Greenall Whitley Brewery as it became were an excellent employer and many local employees stayed with this company ‘for life’.

The Guardian should inform their readers of the Warrington firms including Greenalls and Walkers from the brewing industry, as well as Rylands from the wire industry, Flemmings from the tanning industry that made Warrington a prosperous town.

St Helens boast about Pilkington’s Glass, but Warrington had a wealth of industry that Warringtonians were proud of.

These companies were excellent employers and encouraged all their workers to engage in sporting activities by providing company sports grounds and clubs eg Rylands Recreation aground, Walkers Sports Ground, Crosfields Sports Ground, ElectronHydraulics Sports Ground.

Greenalls also gifted a sports ground on Loushers Lane for use by Warrington Borough Police.

Families used these clubs and also enjoyed annual trips to the seaside that the employers provided.

BRIAN RIGBY Warrington