I READ with dismay the latest story regarding the traveller transit site.

As far as I can tell, the Tories want a proper timetable for a new transit location.

They say give it a year to come up with a solution.

Not unreasonable you would say, given it has been years and years we have been talking about it.

And the council has totally failed.

The group looking into the issue hasn’t even met for two years.

Apparently there is £2million sat around waiting to pay for it all.

But nothing happens.

The reality here is that nobody wants to make the decision because there will be a huge uproar wherever the eventual location is.

Certainly, the Tories from Birchwood and Culcheth would oppose it should those locations be suggested.

But the Labour procrastination really is a disgrace.

Because while there is still no decision, the travellers keep moving from location to location around town, blighting the lives of residents.

And costing taxpayers as well as private business and landlords a pretty sum in clean up costs.

And like some awful Groundhog Day, it keeps happening.

One might have thought after the election would be the time to sort this.

After all, it is three years until the next one and voters will forget.

But I suspect we will still have this debate in a year from now.

Because nothing will have changed.

We are letting down the travelling community, and that of the rest of Warrington too.

Shape up Labour and make it happen.

Council leader Russ Bowden did nothing for his reputation with his attempts to deflect blame onto the Tories for poor wording.

Just get it done.