I REFER to your recent article in the suggestion of boundary changes whereby Lymm and Thelwall would be put into the Tatton constituency (Warrington Guardian, June 4).

A similar debate is happening in Chester.

However Chester are suggesting to use the River Dee as a natural boundary between the north and south of the city.

Which is common sense.

Can we not use the River Mersey as a natural boundary to separate the south of Warrington from the north of Warrington and let it be the start of a permanent division of Warrington, so we in the south can have a better standard of living and services?


THE election boundary changes proposed for Warrington are confusing to say the least.

There would be three MPs covering the town (four if you were to include Daresbury, say).

Yet while Lymm and Thelwall residents would be in Tatton for a general election, all the services they use, schools, roads, social care, bins etc would remain under Warrington Borough Council.

So how well represented would you be?

Who would fight your corner?

What happens if there is a big issue like a fight for a new hospital say, flooding or even HS2?

Who do you call on for the right support?

It looks like electoral boundaries by numbers to me.

Someone in Whitehall has got a calculator and map out to move things around and create new areas simply by making relatively equal calculations.

Forget about the residents you are dealing with.

Because as is often the case with the Government, it seems they really do not matter.