I SEE that plans are afoot to bring the former Cabinet Works site back into use.

A residential scheme is planned, meaning more apartments presumably.

There will also be another hotel, three or four others of which are planned in and around the town centre at last count.

I’m not against redeveloping brownfield sites such as this, in fact I am all for it.

And if the demand for flats is there, then so be it.

But I still think it is a crying shame that we could not have saved this old building.

For many decades, the place stood empty and rotting to the point where it was apparently unable to be salvaged.

The biggest loss was the water tower, gone from Warrington’s skyline forever.

I hope that lessons can be learned and that we will look after grand buildings from the past with much greater care from now on.

Just look at Manchester, where old brick factories and warehouses of this type have been converted into apartments which give a nod to the city’s industrial past rather than being just another fairly generic modern block.

But I won’t hold my breath.

Just look at the Packet House on Bridge Street, although I fear it is already too late in this case.

One day soon, I will not be surprised to open the Warrington Guardian on a Thursday to read that the place has collapsed onto Bridge Foot unless major action is taken very soon.

At the other end of the scale, the former treasury building on Palmyra Square is now one of the town centre’s greatest assets after being repurposed as the likes of San Lorenzo and Las Ramblas.

Take note, as this is a perfect example of how it should be done.